Assisting dialysis facilities to improve both staff and patient awareness of specific patient safety areas, promoting patient safety values, and building a culture of patient safety in every dialysis facility.

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Facility Diamond Status

2022 Diamond Status by Network

View a list of Diamond status facilities in your area!  Find your state on the map below and click on state on the corresponding Network number:
ESRD Network Map Network 18Network 17Network 16Network 15Network 14Network 13Network 12Network 11Network 10Network 9Network 8Network 7Network 6Network 5Network 4Network 3Network 3Network 2Network 1

To view a listing of facilities that achieved Diamond status during the 2021 program year, click here.

2022 Diamond Status By Organization

DaVita, Inc.

Dialysis Clinic Inc. (DCI)

Fresenius Medical Care (FMC)

US Renal Care

Others (Independents, Regional Chains, etc.)

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